Your dreams, your universe

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i’m talking about the dreams dreams, not about wishful thoughts.  Pay attention, because their “metaphysical” nature can be very “physical”. My statement is very similar to what some specialists might have told you, but it’s NOT the same.  Since they are convinced they Know, but, actually, they don’t.  They DO NOT know for good and for sure.

The specialists were told they must have an answer for everything and anything, since they are specialists.  Specialists my… ass.  It’s not their fault, though.  The fact that most of them are assholes is not their fault.  They were taught they should act like Gods, which means they were taught to act like assholes.  They were taught to act with confidence in everything and… as if they knew, even when they don’t.  They were taught to “Act”.  Their teachers taught them to “Act”, to pretend that they know, even when they don’t.

They were taught -by their teachers- they should NEVER act like a normal homo sapiens, or like a homo investigator, or like a homo ignorant.  Not all of them, but most of them.

There is nothing wrong to be ignorant.  There is nothing wrong to say : “i wish i knew, dear Sir or Madam, but i don’t”.  There is nothing wrong to say : “i know someone, someone else, another specialist who might know, since i don’t, despite the fact they call me specialist”.  However, they were taught -by their teachers- to act like assholes, to pretend they know, even when they don’t.  They were taught -by their teachers- to stand by the lie, not by the truth.  And the truth is that they do not always know.  NOT ALWAYS.  Sometimes, they know, but NOT ALWAYS.

Where was I ?  Oh, my topic was “your dreams, your universe”.  Think a bit of it.  Think of your… experiences.  Try to re + member.  I’ ll be back.



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