i’m confused, Europa

Your vote went to Holland, but you liked Italy and Russia.

Oh gosh !  I’m confused, Europa.

Italy wasn’t good.  Russia was so and so. Holland wasn’t bad at all.  Additionally, i watched the video clip and I find it very artistic.

Serbia knows from melodies, and the neighborhood over there.

I really liked Israel this time.  What a voice, dear !  Kobi Marimi is his name.  Not only he is talented, but he has studies on his back.  You can tell right away.

I think you should have voted for Israel, dear Europeans.  On the other hand you don’t have to punish yourselves because you voted for Holland.


Here it is.  Duncan Laurence, dear.



Kobi Marimi, dear.


PS:  I forgot to ask a rhetorical question:  What was that from the Queen ?

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