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not a bad idea |

If you’ re a blogger -especially if you’ re new to the blogging adventure- you should think it’s not a bad idea to create a folder (at the bookmark toolbar) with some converters.  It is self explanatory, dear.

There is a bunch of them and they are free.  It is annoying, though, that they have a bunch of pop up ads on them. This is the reason you have to be careful a bit when you download stuff through them.

I think that the “free file convert” is not bad, and if you wish to check it out you may click on the following : Free File Convert .Com


PS: There is an issue when you want to convert a you tube video, but i have found a way which i’m going to explain later on.  Thanks for your likes and comments, and for being kind, and for stopping by.  Cheers.




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