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… and About You.

Do NOT underestimate the “ABOUT” page.

Do not, dear friends, underestimate your about page.  Especially, if you’ re writers, or poets.  WE, the People, want to know about you.  I want to know about you.  It’s almost my first click when i visit your pages, or the second click.

Because, it is common for everyone and anyone to read an article of yours, FIRST.  Then, i’m sure they are going to click on a second article of yours -if they find you’ re an interesting writer, or if you write on a topic they are interested in- or they are going to click on your “ABOUT” page.  If you don’t have an “About” page, you’ re naked, as nature intended… lol …

You don’t need an “About” page if you’ re famous, like i am.  Outosego is famous, dear.  Outos + Ego is public, a public figure. Him + I, or Her + I, are famous, dear.  But still, i have to create an “About” page.  Not yet though, but i have too.

Sometimes, i check on your “Gravatar“, and what i see is A GREAT introduction of yourselves.  Why don’t you create an about page with the same introduction ?




Copy of Untitled Design - 2019-05-13T092838.989




Ps 1 :  Do it now, dear. You ‘ll remember me one day !  Create your “About” page now.  The title should be : About Me, or About Outosego, or About whatever your name (or nick name) is, or About… think of something, dear. 

Ps 2 :  NOT “About Us”.  Never !  Unless if you’ re a company, or an organization.

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