Deja vu

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I don’t want an opinion from a specialist.  No, dear.  I know how to fart.  Mind the gap, dear specialists.  Don’t you see the gap ?

Actually, i don’t want an opinion.  All i want is your own experience.  Simple things.  This is what happened.  This is how it happened.  This is how i felt.  This is what i think.  Simple f…n things.

Simple f…en things is the method.  But you have to pay attention to the words.  And then you draw the map, since you’re  full of wonderful and important keywords.  Important for our discussion.

NO, we won’t solve the enigma right now and right away.  But we will be able to see what is common, and what is not common.  Then, we can think and discuss on the question: WHY this is common ?  Is it because there is an unknown mechanism which is able to fool us and make us believe whatever we want to believe ? What do you suspect ?  Whatever comes first on your mind, no matter how  crazy you might think it is.

First, the experience. Second, your words. Third, our discussion.  And the story goes on.

PS 1: No, dear specialists, there is no room for you here.  Find a journalist, a friend of yours, and you can make your statement there.  Not here.  UNLESS, if you’ re willing to tell us your own experience.  With simple fucken words.

PS 2: Same thing with the dreams.  How would you react if i tell you that when i was young (12-14)  i saw the day (or the night) before what is going to happen the next day to an unknown.  The unknown was a wonderful and famous lady who was a sportscaster, a reporter.  It was very rare for a woman to be a sportscaster back then (black and white tv).  I write the word “Unknown” because we didn’t have any kind of relationship.  she wasn’t a relative, a family friend, or whatever.

I was in shock when i heard the news the next day ! I never said anything.  I tried to forget.  Then, as i was growing old, i was trying to find a place among the people who love to declare they are Ortho+logists (they think they are the only one who can explain things using their “logic”).  That’s all for today.  Thank you for your likes and comments, and for stopping by.


photographer : Christopher Rusev

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