Mona Alikhah

Photographer |

Mona says : “I was born in 1973, in a 2000 year old port in the south of Iran, Bushehr. I always find that Persian literature is incredibly rich in metaphors.”

She says more : “Human feelings and reactions are the source of my inspiration and so is the relationship between their experience, environment and feelings. I place myself in the story of the other one, from that perspective I see the world with my eyes in someone else’s body and story. At this time I live in the Netherlands.”

PS : It just happened to see a project of the photographer, which is entitled “Female Symbol”.  I never met Mona Alikhah.  I met her project. And i was touched. Because this project was actually a desire of a wonderful lady to immortalize her body before the surgery.  I assume you understand what kind of surgery.  In case you don’t, read the following and click on : Female symbol | by Mona Alikhah



Mona Alikhah says : Female symbol is the title of my new series about the feeling of a woman when she hears about her cancer. “You can be a peacock in life, full of life and yet have a broken heart.” As a woman you know you have to check your chest once a month on  possible chest cancer. For many women this is  the worst thing in the world to do. Suppose the cancer is really there! I photographed Ans in my studio because she wanted to have for the last time an intimate moment before her therapy starts. She has to say good bye to her most female symbol. I’ll follow her during her journey in this way.



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