Many Causes

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Many Gods, like many Causes.

The old man said there must be at least two causes in order for a creation to happen.  The first cause is the “Intelligent” one.  The second cause is the “Need”.  BUT the first cause has to -or must – take permission from the second cause, in order for the genesis to happen.

The first cause, though, doesn’t sit somewhere waiting for the “Yes” or “No”.  The first cause tries to convince the second cause through… words.

These two females will be transfigured to two males which is the “Νούς” and the “Λόγος”. We use different words to describe the first male, like : “Mind”, “Spirit”, “Intellect”, etc., and many words to describe the second one : “Speech”, “Call”, “Voice”, etc.

And it’s easy for the males to be transfigured to females.   It was easy for the females to be transfigured to males.  It’s very easy for two different natures to co-exist in one Body and one Soul.  Because it’s easy for them to be transfigured.  I don’t know the reason why.  I suspect there is a need, or there must be a cause.  I suspect that the need for the two different natures is to try to understand each other and to live the different experiences by changing places.  I don’t know the cause. I suspect there are Gods behind.  I suspect they suspect they are not immortal. But I suspect they found out that under certain circumstances  you may drive your nature towards the evermore.  This seems, looks, feels, tastes, like it might be divine.


PS 1: First, the old man places the Mind into the Soul (for a reason the two non-material natures must be together).  And then, the old man takes them and he puts them into the Body (the one material). Firstly, the two invisible.  Secondly, the one visible.  It looks like this order must be essential.

PS 2: Click on the following address if you wish to visit the photographer : Valentin Salja | Home

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