My dear artists


Here’ s an idea |

You may have thought of it.  The idea is how to get advantage of your pages, not only your posts.  I want to be specific. 

Click on Customize > click on the header image > add your artistic word

You may add more than one picture. If you do so, click on : Randomize uploaded headers .  This is a nice idea to showcase some of your work.

Some “specialists” say that pages are dead.  Because you only have one page for your posts.   The rest of the pages have permanent and specific content.  For example the “Contact page” has a contact form, and that’s it. Actually, the contact page is dead for good.  I mean that people prefer to visit your social media and to come in touch through them.  Unless if you have a store.

Anyway, all i want to say is that you can make these pages more vivid by uploading a feature image, or by writing a little bit more of a text, or by placing a few transparent social icons under the form and by pasting your social links accordingly to the images in order to create links .  Thank you, dear friends.  Have a wonderful day.








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