Misleading wordpress

like the “specialists” i laugh at |



I wish i new the reason why this practice goes on and on and on…  Money is the reason you might say.  I agree.  But i’m not talking about the money.  I’m talking about the statements.

My issue is not the money.  My issue is the statements.  I’m willing to buy.  And i always spare more than a dime, brother.   And i know you spare more than a dime.  I like to spare a dime to buy a book, or to buy a a cd with some nice music, or to buy a nice hat.  I like hats a lot.  I use hats when i want to create a nice decor.  I like vintage stuff.  I like old radios, and gramophone pickups.  I like art, and i buy art.  I’m not in love with gadgets that much.  I mean i like them but i won’t buy gadgets that easy.  Most of them are stupid stuff.

I think you’ re like me.  However i don’t like pseudo statements.  I know you don’t like pseudo statements either.



A pseudo statement is like this : This is a wonderful car.  Oh, you like it !… Oh, you wanna buy it !… Great !… This car has 4 doors, 4 wheels, and a super duper engine.  You can fly.  You’ ll find yourself on the moon.  Is sun far away from the moon ?  I don’t know, but this engine can take you there.  You ‘ll visit the sun, my son, pretty soon. This is a super duper car.

You’ re happy, and you buy.  Fortunately, you’ re still on the ground, you can’t visit the star.  BUT, according to the statements, you should have been to the moon, and then to the sun.  You can’t fly, damn it.






Same thing with the wordpress .com, which is wonderful BUT the statements do not match with the reality.

Plan A and Plan B are actually the same plan.  You expect you will enjoy dozens of free themes.  The dozens are the same themes with the Free plan… lol…  You expect you’ ll enjoy the Gmail Suite for free, but actually you have to pay 6,96  a month for something you don’t need since you already have a gmail account or a yahoo account.  You expect that something else will happen with the jetpack, but nothing happens, nothing at all.  You expect that the basic customization is a bit better than the basic customization you enjoy with the Free plan, but it is the same.  Both plans have the same storage space.  You get 3 extra gb, if you say bye bye to your free plan and to your sub-domain. And you get rid of the awful wordpress ads.

And you have to pay some extra stuff :  for masking your personal data (26,00 $ withimageedit_1120_2824115809 the tax, annual), which it isn’t something you don’t expect if you’ re around the web.  But it would be a nice gesture to inform you from the very beginning that this is the whole, dear user.


PS: At least you’ re ad free, and you can promote, or sell your own stuff.  You can place your own ads without being disturbed from their ads and the awful way they display them.  I wish i was helpful, dear friends.  Take care, and thank you for being wonderful and for passing by.


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