God against Gods

Time against Senses |

They were both wonderful back then, back in time.  She was young, a teen, a beautiful kori.  He was handsome, a mature man and an exceptional actor.  They met each other for the needs of a movie.  Back, in the sixties, they were both beautiful and wonderful, a Goddess and a God.

He was a shepherd, a sheepherder in Greece and she was a tourist coming from Sweden.  They couldn’t understand each other, because they were speaking their mother languages.  So, it was their mothers’ fault that they couldn’t understand each other.  On the other hand, and to be honest, his appearance wasn’t that helpful.  The appearance is always an issue, and sometimes the cause for great misunderstandings.




The film was a bit funny, but the music was awesome.  And the people back then were awesome.  But Time doesn’t like his children and this is the reason he eats them.  His children are tiny Gods.  And despite the fact they are many and he is one, they can’t win the battle.

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They met each other a few years ago.  They had the chance to feel and to sense one each other, and to talk.  Yannis died, but he had the chance and the pleasure to feel, to sense, and to talk a little before.

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PS:  This was a nice and romantic story, but be careful, my wonderful girls.  Enjoy life and have fun, but keep your eyes open and be careful.






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