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I’m not advertising anything.  But as i’ve mentioned before, in a previous article of mine, you must have some free tools, especially if you are a new user, or blogger, and without any experience in blogging or in the web in general.  Because, it is common to get as an answer -from wonderful writers- that they are in an experimental phase.  Which means they are confused with the wordpress platform.  Which is normal, dear friends. 

It is very interesting that the wonderful moment of confusion hits the new user from the very first moment which is certain and it is the default wordpress post : Hello, the journey begins !…

LOL !…

Anyway !…



Streamable” is the name of a video platform.  It’s easy to find it.  To make your life easier, you may click here :  Streamable | Home

This is what you can do : find a video you like, copy the address of the video, and paste the address in the streamable.  Streamable streams the video for a second, and then you can download the video at your desktop.

You DON’T have to create an account to proceed. But if you wish you can.  If you create an account you will understand that they storage your video in their platform.  Please read the FAQ, to understand the limitations or to get some more info on the topic.

You can upload video of your own, and this is wonderful.  If you’ re a publisher this is very helpful, because you can upload your video from wherever it happens, you, to be.

Streamable is fast.  Try it and you’ ll understand what i’m saying.  Fast upload.  Fast download.

THE PROBLEM is with the embeding.  Which means it is better to create a button and to link the button with the address of your video which is stored in there.  I’ ve made the tests already and i know, no matter what they say.

Play around a bit.  Because this is what you have to do, new user.  You have to play a bit, in order to understand.  That’s it for the moment. Enjoy, dear friends, and dance a bit.





Travel  Copy of PLAY (4)  Copy of PLAY (5)



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