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Storage is an issue, dear new user of the wordpress platform.  Additionally, you cannot upload videos in your blog since you have to buy a plan for this to happen.  This is not a problem though.  Because you can embed videos from different video platforms and sources, and it’s free.  You can always create an account at the following video platforms : You-tube, Vimeo, and etc.

Additionally, if you have already a twitter, or a facebook, or an instagram  account, you can embed videos  in your blog from your facebook or your twitter, or your instagram account. And you can do the same thing with pictures, if you have a flickr account, or an account to a similar platform like flickr.  Same thing with the  audio, whatever your audio might be.  And the story goes on.  Cheers, and take care.

The following is an example.  I like, though, to use this kind of method very often.



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