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Dear new wordpress user, i was in the same place like you are and i had the same questions.  It’s a WASTE OF TIME to start thinking i should use this button and i won’t use the other.  If you want your content to be shared, use ALL OF THEM.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an account on twitter, or on facebook, or wherever.  The Share Buttons are not just only for you, in order to share your content to your social media accounts.  They are there for me too, the visitor in order to click on and to share your content to my social media accounts. 

Which means that if you offer your visitor just only one choice, the “Facebook share Button”, i won’t be able to share your content to my Twitter, since i don’t have a facebook account.  Same thing, if you just use only two, or three share buttons.  You must have me on your mind, the visitor.

Don’t waste your time.  USE ALL OF THEM.

PS: Roberta Rood wrote a wonderful article on the topic “Queens of Egypt“, and i wanted to share her article through her own page, and not through the worpress back-end.  I assume you understand the reason why.  But i had to go back to the wordpress back-end to share her article because there are only two share buttons, only the “Facebook” and the “Reblog”.  She may have reasons, i don’t judge the blogger.  But this was the perfect example to write on the topic and to help the new users to understand that if they want their content to be shared, they should better configure their blog having the visitor on their mind.  This is why they should use all the share buttons.  Don’t waste your time on this.




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