I’m still in Paris

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ILona wrote an epigram.  Her topic wasn’t the city of Paris, or France.  Her topic was about debt.  She wrote that if you can avoid any kind of loan from the banks, you ‘ll be free and happy people. She is right, but you can’t always avoid it.  But she is right.  Additionally she wrote that she lives in France and that she feels she is lucky, because she can study without having to pay a student loan.  However, ILona, someone else has to pay. It looks like it is free, i know, and I know you know this, but i have to make a special notice.  The French people, actually, pay your fees through their taxes.  I know you know.  Please, don’t get offended.  I know you’ re a wonderful human being, and I know you know that the French people are, actually, the supporters of the “Free” educational system in France. 

I saw a few comments from people who live in US, and they were criticizing the situation in US.  Well, I agree that things have become wild.  On the other hand, there are some special programs in US too for people who cannot effort to pay. No, its not like in Europe.  A few things should and must change.  Take care and enjoy.

This is Ilona’s post : About Debt .  Cheers, France and ILona.


PS: I want some chocolate from Angelina.  And I want to visit Paris again.  But this time I won’t stay for long in Paris.  Sorry, Paris.  This time i’m going to visit the people in the villages.  The villages in France are wonderful.  You can’t imagine the beauty.  Unless if you’ ve been in France and you had such an experience.





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