I’m jealous of Ilona


so jealous |


Because -you may click on easydiet  to visit ILona-  :

She is trilingual.  She is able to communicate with three Mothers, since she speaks their languages.

She likes and she writes epigrams.  I don’t have this much of patience.  I like to chat chat.  But epigrams is the kind of art in poetry that i’m jealous of.  I mean I’m jealous of the teckie – poet.

She is beautiful.  I’m jealous.

She lives in FranceNow i’m pissed, and jealous for good.


FranceFrance is a wonderful country and place.  The French are wonderful people.  We have lots in common with the French.  They love wine, and I love wine, dear, too.  They love cheese.  I love cheese, dear, too.  They love smoking.  Guess what, I love smoking. They love women.  You can guess.  They love art.  You can guess.  They love museums.  You can guess.  They love music.  I love music, dear.  They love Moulin Rouge. It’s easy to guess.  They love pin up girls.  Easy to guess.  They love ballet dancers.  I admire them.  They love long train bread. I love long train bread.

Moulin Rouge

FranceAdditionally, I love Angelina.  You should visit the place.  You will remember me one day.  Ask for hot CHOCOLATE, and an OMELETTE.  GUESS WHAT ! You ‘ll remember me one day.  Angelina is located somewhere next to the Louvre.


FranceYou may say this is a place for the tourists.  NO ooooooooooo !… But you may visit the place, no matter if you’ re a tourist.  All i want to say by this, is that they won’t take advantage of you, just because you’ re a tourist.  NOT expensive !…  The prices are normal, but you might think -because of the wonderful decor– this is gonna be expensive.  NO oooooooo.  It’s a MUST visit place. You may watch the following short video clip.  Enjoy people.

FrancePS: Oh gosh, i want, i want, i want, i want some hot chocolate from Angelina.  I’m telling you there is no god.  If there was a god, he would listen, and i would be in Paris right now, drinking my chocolate. You may visit Angelina by clicking on : Angelina | Home




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