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Doctors’ Alphabet :   It was about time.

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Seven Eleven

Στην Ελλάδα έχουμε μπόλικα, δίχως νά ‘ναι αλυσίδα, και τα λέμε καταστήματα ψιλικών.

Πάλι Δίας

Σύγχρονη τέχνη : Γράφει που άκουσε πως ενδιαφέρεστε για θέματα αισθησιακού περιεχομένου. Κατά πως ενδιαφερότανε κι ο Δίας πού 'τανε θεός.    


BY MISTAKE : You’ re gonna love the piano player.  He is a wonderful artist.  Listen to this piece of music which by mistake was entitled “Chopin’s Spring Waltz”.  I didn’t know.  The following is Jacob’s explanation.  Because I really like his unique talent, and … Continue reading Spring

Love, Life, Struggle

Three WordsI saw three words last night as I was scrolling down my “social” timeline. And I said to myself this is a nice topic for a writer to write something about.  Well, dear friends, it’s not that easy.   The language is not the barrier.  … Continue reading Love, Life, Struggle


Santorini is like the Supermodel …lol… of the Greek islands.