They won’t tell you


and dear Users of the wordpress platform, there is free stuff out there, free tools that will make your life easier. The experienced users already know what i’m talking about.  But they won’t tell you much.  It’s a secret… lol…  Because they want you to buy stuff.  But they SUCK, most of them.  They are teckies, that’s why.  They have no experience in writing things, words and stuff.  And when they write, they suck.  Not all of them, most of them …lol…

I’ll give you an example.  Lets assume you have 10 teckies in front of you.  Well, 8 of them are not capable to write their names without making a mistake.  Same thing with the MDs and the doctors.  Exactly the same thing.

Do you know why ? BECAUSE the modern education focuses on the topics “Speciali – zation” , or “Specialist” or “Special plus something”.  Unfortunately, the product that they (and we) get is not that special.  The end result sucks a lot.  And they already know what i’m talking about.

The people who belong to another “era” know what i’m talking about.  It’s more than obvious to them and to me.  And if it is more than obvious, it means they have failed.  If there are aliens who love to watch our progress, i’m sure they laugh a lot.  The aliens laugh at us, A LOT.

Dear aliens, stop laughing.  We need some help.  It’s obvious, isn’t it ?  We need your help.  Can you offer a bit of some enlightenment ?  If you can’t, get out of here.  Find another place and some other creatures  to laugh at.

PS 1: i’m sure, dear friends, you’ ve visited  a few doctors or MDs.  What is it that you have noticed ?  I’m sure you’ ve noticed that they are full of acronyms and categories, since they don’t have much to offer other than pills.  I mean they don’t know the root of the problem but they give you pills, since this is what they were taught to do.  Yes, I agree, technology have helped them a lot to go on with some stuff, undoubtedly and without any question.  But still we are behind.  The people who had a different education know what i’m talking about.  You don’t have to agree with me.  You’ re not obligated to agree with me.  However, i know that you know what i’m talking about.  Additionally, i know your ages.  I know how old you are.  All you have to do is to write a few sentences, and i will come up with a number.  I Know you Know.

PS 2 : The modern blogger, or writer, or poet, or creationist, should and must have some tools to work with.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  The most important is that you want to leave something behind before you’ re gone… for ever.  Second important is that you want to be heard.  There are some free tools out there that i think they are precious.  I’ ll write more on the topic, but not now.  Take care.


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