Lost, not dead

Same behavior all over the world |

Some people want to spank me on the buttocks as a punishment for not using their vocabulary.  For a certain period of time i used to be very comfortable with this category of people.  By the time i discovered that most of them are just, and only just, surface, bubbles.  But they want to call themselves or to declare they are ortho-logists (similar to ortho-doxists).  Which means they think they have the right (ortho-) opinion (-doxa), because they think they are the only one who use their “logic”.

However, i don’t like the fact that they want to interfere and to intrude to our lives without having our permission, or our invitation.  Actually, i laugh at them, because they think that everything and anything is possible.  And they like to give advices like the following : “You hold your future in your hands, do something”.  Partially this is true.  I’m careful and this is the reason i write “partially”.  Because they cannot understand that their future and my future are different.  And different was my past.  And their past was different. In many ways.  It just happens to be the children of the same era.  That’s all.


PS 1: I’m going to give you an advice, dear ortho-somethings.  You better mind your own business.  Stay out and don’t get involved with my future.  Additionally, i ‘ll make a notice : there are three ladies out there, somewhere, and they hold your future in their hands.  Take care.

PS 2: Nobody and no one accepts the fact that a beloved one is dead, whatever dead or death means. And they, or we, want to think of him as he, or she, is still here, whatever “here” means.  This is the reason we use words in the present tense.  Actually, we know, whatever “know” means.

PS 3: Very often, i take a look on the following video.  It is a black and white short film from the anatomy lab of the Medical School in Thesaloniki, in Greece.  This was captured during 1968 by Miltos Arvanitakis.  I have to pin this in my post.  BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH IT. ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T HANDLE THIS.

Laughing Students and dead bodies create a weird atmosphere.  Life goes on, and death goes on.  I know, and You know what i’m talking about.  Furthermore, or additionally on the 24th of April, a few days ago, i was informed that a wonderful girl -i was in love with and once upon a time- died. She died during the Holy week.  Heart failure. Take care, dear friends.


3 thoughts on “Lost, not dead

  1. I think that the gentleman who captured the video, back then, the owner of the short film from the anatomy lab of the Medical School at Thessaloniki, in Greece, Mr. Miltos Arvanitakis, is a visitor.

    I like to thank you, dear Sir, for the rare and unique material of yours. My best wishes for great health, happiness and longevity.


    1. Better late than never they say, so it is my response to your gentle wishes since I have just read them recently with great delay on my behalf.

      I take this opportunity to thank you for your gentle wishes and to state in writing that your comments about my rare and unique material, as you state, was my intention for making this little amateur film in black and white 8 mm, in one reel without montage, about life and death, back then as a second-year student practicing Anatomy in the Anatomy Laboratory in the Medical School.

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      1. It is never too late, dear Sir, as you wonderfully mention. Thank you for passing by and for taking the time to write a few details.

        You captured feelings, not only images. I would love to ask you a few questions, but i don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. I understand your time is, also, valuable.

        In any case, i thank you for once again, dear Sir.

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