How much, wordpress ?

is too much ?

Well, dear friends, i’m sure you’ ve thought of this.  I won’t write about keeping or leaving the FREE plan.  Not my business. BUT i have to write down my critique and to criticize a few things.  I’ll be on the topic, because i don’t like the flights around a certain topic, like some “specialists” love to do.

I think, it’s much more convenient to write a few short episodes for this topic.

Here we are .  Picture number 1. What is it that you observe  ?

Screenshot 2


Picture number 2.  What is it that you observe ?



Let me help you : No big of a deal, dear friends.  The difference is almost “0”.

Because you already have an email.  And of course you can create as many email accounts as you wish using uncle Google or Yahoo, and a bunch of different free platforms.

What about Live chat support ? Yeah, sure.  Are we serious ?

You already have the Jetpack and it works the way it is supposed to work, not fully but you don’t need more for the moment.

The difference is on the third plan.  The STORAGE makes the difference. From 6 to 13 GB.  I understand that they give you some “Extra” tools to play around a bit.  BUT you don’t need them !… You need the storage. So, you have to think of how to use FREE tools to take care the storage issue, since you are on the free plan.

Oh, you wanna get rid of the advertisements.  I see.  Then buy the first plan.  DO NOT buy the second or the third.  My apologies, dear wordpress, but this is NOT A DEAL.

Additionally, dear wordpress, your advertisements SUCK a lot, but i don’t care for the moment.  BECAUSE they are not targeted ads. And BECAUSE of the WAY you use to advertise things, words and stuff.



PS: Thank you, dear wordpress, for the rest.  But imagine this : A wonderful Sun without people to enjoy the performance.



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