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Or Steve’s Country |

Steve McLeod knows how to write, and not only !…  Steve is a wonderful writer and he lives in Canada …brbrbbrbr…  BUT he is also an exceptional photographer.  Not only he knows how to write, but he also knows how to take wonderful pictures.  You can tell.  All you have to do is to visit his blog, in case you don’t want to visit Canada …lol…

I also like his blog for an additional reason.  This is because i pay attention.  I also like his blog because he makes an effort to learn how to configure and how to put things and stuff in a nice order.  The “specialists” have a special phrase for this one and they call it “User Friendly” web-site.  But you already know i’m pissed with the “specialists” and i don’t give a damn or a dime anymore for them.

I prefer to learn stuff on my own and to make experiments, and i prefer to spend a dime to buy a book with some nice poetry, or to buy some wonderful creations of yours, pictures or whatever.

Actually, Steve’s blog is a wonderful source for the kids in schools in order to learn and to see, view, watch some wonderful and amazing creations coming from mother nature.  Because, mother nature, my beloved poets, comes first on the list with the greatest poets of all times, and of all eras.  And there is no Nobel prize for her.  Not even a check with some zero(s).  I think i should send a check to mother nature, with the following memo : “for being wonderful, and for bouzoukia”.

If you’ re a teacher, you MUST visit Steve’s Blog and Steve’s Country.  If you don’t have enough money to spend to buy a ticket for Canada, you can at least visit Steve’s blog by clicking on his name or by clicking on the image below.

PS: Dear teens or teenagers or youth or young people, my category which is entitled : “About you” is created for you in order to observe the writing style of some wonderful people who i find they have quality and sense of the aesthetics.





4 thoughts on “Steve McLeod

  1. Wow, thanks so very much for the wonderful write-up for my blog! It’s very much appreciated and I am so glad you enjoy it at Steve’s Country. I like to make it available so that even kids can enjoy it too. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks once again!😃😺


    1. You’ re very welcome, Steve. My category “About You” is a gift to the young people. By the time, my category will be full with names and links and with some wonderful people who KNOW how to write, and not only. This was a promise to myself, to offer a gift to the young people. I thought of this a lot and i said to myself : Gifted people is the perfect gift.

      Because i’m pissed, Steve, with some things, and stuff, and words, and practices, and actions. So i said to myself : this is gonna be your revenge, dear self. And there is gonna be something left behind when i’m gone. A little, tiny, something. This something won’t be bones, not just, and not just only bones. Fortunately, i’m pissed. Take care, Steve. You don’t have to thank me. I thank you.

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