My beloved poets

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I observe, my beloved poets.  And my vision says : create categories.

My vision has a mouth, that’s why.  And my vision’s mouth says the following:

You are wonderful writers, and exceptional personas.  But you live on your own world, like i do sometimes.  Because you let the default UN-Categorized to take over.  Shit and Fuck !…

I don’t believe in my eyes when i see something like the one above.  You are writers and you must have noticed that when you publish a book you have to put, or write a NAME on the cover, or a TITLE.  Because you want people to know what this is about.  Do the same when you write your wonderful poetry in your blog.   And it’s easy.

This is not and not just only beneficial for me, the visitor, but it will work for you just as fine as it works for the visitor.  Because, your poetry will be under a TITLE in your blog, and you will be able to visit and to work on your special COLLECTION, since everything -which is written for this special COLLECTION of poetry- is in one place. This one place is your category. 

If you create a second category, you ‘re gonna have a second COLLECTION in your blog.  A third category is a third collection, your own third collection.  And, my beloved poets, you’ ll be able to visit different kind of platforms to publish your collection.  And you’ ll be able to SELL.  And i’m willing to BUY.

PS:  I’m gonna make you Public Figures one day.  Because you deserve to be published, and to be public figures.  The Public Figures that i know DO NOT DESERVE to be public and published.





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