I Like Her Sweet Spots

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Katerina is a multinational girl who currently lives in Athens.  In Athens, Greece.  Not in Athens, USA, which i actually a wonderful place.  I think you can find more than one Athens in U.S., but I have a specific Athens on my mind.  I should write a few words in the future about Athens US.

Katerina is the owner of a wonderful blog which is entitled : Limitless Travelling.  She inspired me to visit Athens, because i Love sweets and i Like her… sweet spots in Athens.  I wish I could visit Athens, Katerina, but I can’t for the moment.  I Like your blog and your suggestions, and i Like your Css style too.

You may visit Katerina, dear friends, to read her, to Like and to Follow her, and to share her suggestions, by clicking on the following, or by clicking on the image below : Limitless Travelling



3 thoughts on “I Like Her Sweet Spots

  1. Thank you a lot for your review and so many kind words! I hope one day you will come in Athens and visit my favourite “sweet” spots 🙂 Till now, I am going to prepare more information about Athens and my favourite spots here for breakfast, dinner and best coctails! Thank you one more time for sharing!

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