To the young people

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No, this isn’t an advice.  This is something to think a bit of it.  Just think of it for a moment, and then go back to your ordinary stuff.

The parents of a poet are Love and Death.  Think of it.  The rest is just ordinary stuff.

You’ ll become great poets if you think of it, for a moment.

PS: Poet is equal to Creator.  I know.  Now you know too.  Which means poetry is a creation.  No matter what you do, no matter if you’ re a painter or a parent, you’ re still a creator.  Some creations are not that good.  Some creations are really bad.  Some creations are wonderful.  And the story goes on.  And there will always be bad and good, awful and wonderful creations.  This will never change.  Never.



Lord Byron
Lord Byron

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