Alexander Borisovich Godunov |

The photo was taken by  Vladimir Bliokh.  It’s a wonderful photo.  And Gudonov was wonderful.   By 1978, Godunov was the lead dancer in the famous Bolshoi ballet and renowned across the globe.

Copy of Copy of Pink Script Massage Logo (4)In 1979, Godunov and his wife, Ludmila Vlaslova, were performing in New York as part of the Bolshoi Ballet. Again, Godunov made several comments to journalists about his admiration for America and its freedoms which rankled both Soviet diplomats and his colleagues in the Bolshoi. However, on August 21st of the same year, he’d take a step further. Godunov and two other ballet dancers contacted the US State Department and asked for political asylum so they could defect from the USSR. The news made international headlines immediately, with Godunov’s name and face on newspapers worldwide.



PS : There is more, and you may ask uncle Google for the rest of his story.  Most important is that he was a wonderful ballet dancer.

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