Painter, not Teckie |

If there is only one God, then he is a painter.  I can understand why he is lazy !…  Actually, he is not lazy, no, no, no…  Because he is a painter, he lives in another world.  You know what I mean.

It’s like when you wash the dishes.  You wash the dishes, but you’ re not here, you’ re somewhere else, dear.  I mean your body, which is another world and story, is here, making movements, – and not only – but your mind, or spirit, is somewhere else.  On the same time, and in different places. One part of yours is here.   The material is here.  The non material is somewhere else.  And it moves fast.

PS 1: This is the stuff i really like to write about.  Because i’m curious.  And because there is something else.  But, this something else, has nothing to do with what we’ ve been taught that it is.  Fortunately, people has stories to tell.  Real stories, dear.  As real as the world we live in.  And i listen to their stories.  And i observe…

PS 2: I’m going to read you the cup one day,  the coffee cup.  There are stories in there too, dear.  “Coffee Cup Stories” is a wonderful ‘Niche’ and category. Create categories, dear.  And enjoy your coffee, cause life is short.




life is coffee

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