Ancient recipes

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Actually this is a challenge.  I challenge the specialists to write words, things and stuff on the topic “Ancient Recipes“.   I just gave you a “Niche“.  Yes, dear !… Yes !… You know how to cook, but you have to learn how to search on the libraries.  Uncle Google is not that good on this.  You have to discover stuff.  You must become an investigator, a detective.  You have to know how to smell this stuff.

Oh, you know how to discover stuff !… I didn’t know, my apologies.  Then, you can promote the greek salad and get what you should get for the energy you spend on this.  Have on mind that this is something you’ re gonna pin on your sidebar and your posts.  I have more ideas on this.  The most important is that your creation is going to have a permanent place somewhere in your blog, with a price on it.  Whoever is interested, he will buy.  I will buy, because i’m interested.

I think this is helpful.  I try to give an idea, using simple words, to the new wordpress users or to anyone who is interested in moving a bit forward but he can’t because he is blocked.

Additionally, you shouldn’t feel like it is a criminal to sell your creations.  Because pop art is a bigger criminal than your criminal, which is actually a wonderful creation of yours.  Whoever is interested in your creation, he/she will buy your creation.  The most important is that you are already set up, and your creation has a permanent place, for as long as wordpress is alive. The last one is very important.  Because you cannot expect me to buy creations that they are still on your mind.


PS 1:  Thank you for passing by.  I really have fun with this.  And I really laugh with the way i write.  I laugh very loud, really loud, because i never expected i’ll do something like this, and that i will write words, things and stuff on this topic.   Read me now, because later on you will have to buy… lol !…  I can smell it.  And I know you ‘ll buy.  Oh gosh, i really make myself laugh !…

PS 2 : Hey you, Cook -ers and Chefs !… lol… i’m gonna wait to buy the book, or your product.  You better hurry up, my wonderful people.






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