Whats a niche

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that’s what i get from the search result.  I ask uncle Google in order to get an answer on the topic “Niche”.  And I get “blah, blah, blah…” for answers.

Well, dear friends, and dear writers, and dear fellow humans, “Niche” is the topic you Like to write about a lot.  Do not waste your time on the “specialists”.  But, if you are willing to spend some time on them, Google is all yours… lol

“Niche” is the topic you like a lot to write about.  And when you write on the topic you like, sometimes, you get inspired by a word of yours and you think to write a new post on a topic which is similar with the previous one but it is a bit different.  Instead of creating a new category, you leave the default -by wordpress- UN – Categorized to take over.

Your categories are your own “Niches”, and you’ re full of “Niches”.  But you don’t get it, and you look for an answer asking uncle Google all the time to get an idea of what is a “Niche”. 

When you write a post, you write an idea of yours, or a thought, or whatever.  Before you click on “Publish”, ask yourself the following question : What is it that i’m writing about ? And name the category with the name you got as an answer when you asked yourself the previous question.  I’m sure you ‘ll have to write a lot for this special category that you just created, in the future.

If you have more than one category, you have more than one “Niche”.  Lets say you like to write about the “Soul”, then give your category the name “Soul” and add to this category the posts you write about the soul.  After a while you’ ll see that the category “Soul” is full of posts of yours.  Which means that everything is in one place, which you can visit again and again.  Lets say you like to write about the “Soul”, but you like to write also about the flowers, because you like flowers a lot.  Make “Flowers” a  category.  Now, you have two categories.  And the story goes on, because you are an interesting person and you want to write down your experiences and your observations and you want to write words and stuff about things that give you pleasure, and about things you hate.  YOU ARE FULL of ideas and thoughts. Make categories, then.  Each one of the categories is a “Niche”, and you can create a brand new website just only for one category.  Or you may want to publish a new book.  Or… there is more you can do, but focus on this for the moment, and start creating categories for your posts.   Now think of this :  Do you think you can make a profit ?  Try it.  Because everything is in one place and you can work on them.

So, you have content which deserves to be published by Amazon, go to Amazon (or wherever you like) and create your book.  Your new book is the category that Outosego told you to create, once upon a time.  Because, you are going to remember me one day in the future.

Do you happen to have more than one category ?  Then imagine what i’m talking about.  You can work from home.  And you will be the boss, dear.



10 thoughts on “Whats a niche

    1. hahahahahahahahha… i wish i was, but i’m an ordinary man. Just pissed, that’s all. But i like experiments, and i try stuff to see how they work. Of course, for someone who is already an expert, this might be nothing special. But the problem is that he doesn’t give information to the people, simple steps, to go on. That’s why, when i ask new users, they say: oh i’m doing an experiment.

      Actually, they know what they want to write about, and they are extremely interesting people. But the barrier is that they don’t know how to move around with this shit.


      1. I want to know about how to carry on with this shit and just be stable enough to keep it afloat in the arena. The fact that you know all about this might help some budding bloggers as well.
        All the best and yes it’s official now.You are a Superman.😂💙


      2. My gosh, you make me laugh !… No, i don’t know much, i know a few. But i like to investigate and to come up with some ideas, some new ways, that might be helpful. Since the old ways are not anymore. And there are free tools out there. You already know this stuff. You ‘re young and wonderful. I’m old and almost gone, and i don’t know much.

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    1. Wonderful !… I like the way you think !… Imagine how mad i am with the “specialists”, as if i don’t have other things to do, i’m writing stuff on the topic. Not because i’m a “specialist”. But because i wanted a way out, and they were never able to give me a proper guide line. This is the reason, and i suspect i’m not the only one. My advice to you is this : do not lose contact with the community, and go on with what you have on mind. I will write more on the topic, AND i’ll make a guide line for the people who are new users. The guide line will be on the topic and not around the topic. So, they are gonna be able to set this fast, and to start writing words, things and stuff. Because I see wonderful writers and when i ask them a few questions, they give as an answer : this is experimental !… Which means they are confused.


      1. I hope you do well with your guiding stuff for people like me who are amateurs in the world of blogging. Moreover I really want to make it a professional venture because I’ve grown into it if not started loving it.

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      2. I know what you mean. As i said, i’m not a specialist. But this is an advantage. Because i observe their practices and i’m gonna crush them. First part of my guideline will be :how to set up this fast, and start writing. Second part will be : aesthetics (they call it CSS styling, but you have to buy a custom domain to have access on Css, so i’m thinking to give different info, another way). Third part: will be how to start promoting themselves and what other tools are out there.

        From a non specialist all these. Anyway. Take care and thank you for your comments and your likes, Samyak.

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