Gods gave them a son

to guide them |

and to take care of them.  Since Gods couldn’t give back their vision.

PS : Picture by Stylianos Papardelas



9 thoughts on “Gods gave them a son

  1. Am I proud of it. I won’t say yes but still it drove me to this conclusion that we have a role here in this life to love and care for our old folks.
    Great post .💙😊

    1. Thanks for your comment, Samyak. I like what you wrote, and your thoughts about our old folks. But on the other hand, i’m pissed with Gods. I can’t hide it.

            1. No, I don’t expect Gods to listen, because they are, and act, and behave like the teckies. This is the reason I won’t keep my mouth shut, and i’ll make my critique, or criticism, whenever i can, and before i’m gone.

              1. It’s so endearing to have a look at your amazing thoughts and it gives me a stir and puts me up with my views as well. What you do is super rational and seeing you take a stand instills me.

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