Degas, the anarchist

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he never said he was a super duper artist.  He never said “i’m an anarchist in art”.  He was humble.  Well, not much.

I was watching the following video, because i like Degas a lot.  A lady said -and a curator of the MOMA museum- that someone said “Degas is an anarchist in art“.  Then, I said to myself : if you declare an anarchist, you’ re not an anarchist.  If you claim or declare you’ re this or that, you’ re not either this or that.  You better let and listen to what people have to say about you.   Just because.  And because you have a big opinion about yourself.


Actually, i really like, and i admire the people who have a big opinion about themselves… lol…  And, sometimes, not always, but sometimes i laugh at them.  It depends on how much the idea about themselves likes to walk hand in hand with their actions in life.


PS : Degas, “the anarchist”, was in love -not only with the ballet dancers- but with the burlesque houses also.  And he liked striptease a lot.  I Know.














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