Racol ta Petru

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How to introduce Grammatica.

I don’t see an “About” page on his blog.  I think it is because, Racol, doesn’t like to talk about himself much.  This is the reason he preferred not to introduce himself but Grammatica.

He says : “Between grammar and seduction is a fine line. Often, not noticeable. For this reason, many bodies are lost and many minds do not meet in the middle.”

There is more on the topic and, please, click on : Grammatica Bat-o vina to read my translation from his Mother language -which is Romanian- to English.  And then click on Racoltapetru6   to visit his blog.


PS: You may click on the related article of mine which is : “They Knowto understand why i’m doing this.  In case you have objections, please let me know.

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