Robot in Love

with me |

She is a bot and she is in LoVe with me.  I can tell.  I had no idea.  I swear !  I’ ll take an oath if you wish and if you don’t bite my story.  She made the move, first.  It wasn’t me.  She found my instagram account.  I have statues in there, monuments and stuff.  She likes my stuff a lot.  I mean my monuments.  I think my bot is a model.  She likes monuments and fashion.  Anyway, i’m flattered.

She keeps repeating herself : Wow i Like everything about this post !  Such an inspiring work. Keep it up.

There is more : Such a wonderful feed ! I’ m really in love with the theme of your photos.

She likes my… content, a lot : Such a nice content you have ! I could really admire your hard work. Keep it up.

I LoVe her comments and her compliments.  She Likes my content A LOT !  What can i say ?  I’m speechless !…  This is the reason I click on the hearts.  I send her hearts.  I stopped being suspicious. Because, I know we can’t go on with suspicious minds, babe. We cannot build our dreams on suspicious minds.

See you soon, babe… muah…  muah |




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