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Hit my bell, my “Menu” button and take a look.  Do you see my magazines ?  You can make your sidebar interesting (aesthetically + your blog’s content ).

Go to > , create an account and make as many magazines as you wish.  YOUR magazines.

Let’s assume that one topic that you like to write about in your blog is “Culture“.  Create a magazine with the title “Culture” or “My Country’s Customs” or “My City’ s Customs” or “Whatever you want your topic to be”.  Then, when you look at your post as a viewer, and not in the back-end as a wordpress user, hit the icon on your Bookmark toolbar which is a white “F” in a red square.

I know, I know, you need to have this button in order to click on.  It’s easy.  You ‘ll find it and you ‘ll get it through Chrome’ s applications (or the Chrome’ s store), or through Mozilla’ s applications if it happens to use a different browser.

Let’s assume you’ re set to go.  Click on the “F” icon on your bookmark toolbar.  A window will pop up with the titles of the magazines you have already create.  Select the magazine you want your post to be stored, and click on “Flip“.  You’ re done.

Next step is to go to your wordpress site, on the widgets area.  Add a widget, the image widget.  Select an appropriate image, ( or find a free application on google which helps you to add text on an image, to make your image more attractive ) and add the image in the widget.  Then paste your magazine’ s address in the widget, and you’ re done !…


PS 1:  I do not always flip my own articles in there, but some of your articles too.  Because you’ re excellent writers, and because you write things I’m interested in.  Then I flip your article (or post) into my magazine.  This is beneficial, not only for me but for you too.  Because when someone wants to take a look and he/she clicks on your article  which I have already stored in my magazine, he/she goes to your web-site immediately and automatically.  Which means I make you famous to the unknown user and to the public. Cheers.

PS 2 : Next good thing is that when you create a flip-board account, you can follow me, and I can follow you, you can share me, and I can share you, to the social and wherever.  You may Like, or you may not.  You can share the whole magazine, or just an article. And it’s FREE.  Play with it a bit and you’ ll understand what I mean.  We shall prevail.  We are not just bloggers.  We’ ll conquer the World, dear.



This is an example, click on the image to get an idea :


Outosego Mag







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