Kalouta - Moustakas _ Fermas

Δυό πράσινα μάτια

με μπλέ βλεφαρίδες |



Anna Kalouta (Athens September 29, 1918 – Athens 17 April 2010) was an actress and impresario.  She was only four years old when, along with her sister Maria (she died in 2006) landed their first role at the Marika Kotopouli theatre.

Anna Kalouta


Anna Kalouta lived her entirely life on stage and her name was associated with the theatre. Born in Athens in 1918, she first appeared on stage at the age of 4, and along with her sister Mary they were the prodigies of the interwar period.


Anna and Maria Kalouta


 As a woman living in tough times, she was a symbol of emancipation. She played on almost all important theaters worldwide.


Anna Kalouta


It was the theatre that she put her heart and soul to.


Anna Kalouta and Melina Merkouri


Because of her unique talent she was able to adopt and play roles in all theatrical forms, including operetta (third generation of Greek operetta), etho-graphy, musical comedy but even tragedy.


Kalouta and Constantaras


Anna Kalouta and Maro kontou


Maria and Anna Kalouta


Anna Kalouta


Anna Kalouta and  Lambros Constantaras



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“If I was to be reborn I would be a theatrical actress again

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