Day: April 20, 2019

Something wonderful

Somewhere|   Just gorgeous. Simple, accurate, perfectly played.

Respect and Appreciation


LoVe |   Respect and appreciate the people who respect and appreciate you.     Unconditional love, family.     Be proud when you should be proud.      


You will receive

DON CORLEONE |   – You come to me and you say : Don Corleone, give me justice.  But you don’t ask with respect !…  


I will crush you, techies

You give shitty tips to my people. 

Your magazine | Outosego

You’ re gonna love this tip

I think so | Hit my bell, my “Menu” button and take a look.  Do you see my magazines ?  You can make your sidebar interesting (aesthetically + your blog’s content ). Go to > , create an account and make as many magazines as you wish.  YOUR magazines. … Continue reading You’ re gonna love this tip


No island

ENTIRELY| Shot on a cellphone !…  And I like it, still.  Old but I like it, STILL.  What an inspiration to make such a film !  An epigram on a cellphone ! Congrats, my fellow man.

Divine plan

Divine plan

not made by you | Different on the procedure.  Same on the result.  Not made by you. What a divine plan !  

Kouros = Haircut


not by Yves Saint Laurent | Which is actually a wonderful perfume.  And the vaporisateur makes your life easier, undoubtedly and without any question.  I like perfumes and I like Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent.  However perfumes is not the topic I want to write about.  … Continue reading Kouros

Kalouta - Moustakas _ Fermas

Δυό πράσινα μάτια

με μπλέ βλεφαρίδες |   Anna Kalouta (Athens September 29, 1918 – Athens 17 April 2010) was an actress and impresario.  She was only four years old when, along with her sister Maria (she died in 2006) landed their first role at the Marika Kotopouli … Continue reading Δυό πράσινα μάτια

Onassis | Olympic Airways

Nightly to Europe and the Middle East

Olympic Airways |   Once upon a time.