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the girl from Bucharest |

A few years ago I met Anna, a girl from Bucharest.  She was with her boyfriend, a boy from Bucharest.  Her boyfriend was one of the winners of the green card visa lottery US diversity immigrant program.  He was a green card holder.  He was holding the american dream in his hands.  And of course he was holding Anna in his arms.  She followed him to US and to New York.

Both were very well educated, and cultivated, and with great manners.  They were kind, elegant, a wonderful young couple.  They started working and living new experiences in their new home, in New York.  We started going out all together, for coffee, or to the museums, or to play a bowling game. Some times they were visiting us holding a bottle of some exceptional Romanian wine, and we were cooking for them.  It was nice.  We had wonderful discussions and they were sharing their thoughts with us.  Thoughts about life, or their country, or their families.  It is normal for someone who lives abroad and far away from the family to be more alerted for the family needs and to think of the family constantly.

Mostly he was thinking of his sister who had a young child with health issues, and he was standing by her being very supportive to her.  Mostly she was thinking of her mother.  Anna liked fashion a lot and she was thinking to start a business.  She was asking our opinion on the matter and we were happy to answer back saying our opinion to her.

Anna was wonderful, an angel who stopped by for a while to say hello to the fellow humans.  She left us very early.  I think she had a different plan, a divine one.  Her boyfriend went back home but he was alone this time.  Because Anna was part of a diviner plan.

I used to sing a song to Anna, the following song.  We are still here, Anna, waiting for you.  You’ re not forgotten.  Come to visit us, dear. We’ ll cook for you, sweet heart.





2 thoughts on “Anna

    1. I wrote the article because we had a discussion on the topic “divine plan”. And because we end up saying “it’s an enigma”. Anna was wonderful, and exceptional, and elegant, and as long as I’m alive I won’t forgive the Gods for their “divine” plan.


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