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I know how hard it is to make a living through writing.  It’s not easy.  And I know how much you enjoy writing words and stuff.  If you’ re a script writer and it happens to live around NYC, take a look on the following :

Looking to collaborate with a script writer for a spec commercial. Voice over script.


Please comment or send me a message.


By luck I became a member of the following group on facebook : NYC Film makers 

And I’m astonished from the way they support one each other.  I congratulate them and I think you should follow them, if it happens to like the idea to get involved with the industry.  Unfortunately this is only for the people who live around NYC, but you should follow their paradigm, which means that you should make something like this at the place and the country you’ re living.

I do my best to help you, people.  I wish I was a God to help you all, and  I wish you all best of luck. Thank you for passing by, for your likes and comments.  I really appreciate it.  Take care.

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