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To know my Circe better than I do is impossible !… But I saw a nice cover of a book which is entitled “Circe“.  I’ ll buy. Because it costs less than two bags of potato chips.  And because it is written by Madeline Miller.  I don’t know Madeline, but I think it’s about time to get to know each other, since she thinks she can write better than I do, for my Circe !

Here’s some info, please click on : Emr books | Circe 

This is Madeline’ s website :  http://madelinemiller.com/

PS:  If you click on the first link you ‘ll see the Cover that you see in my post.  If you click on Madeline’ s you ‘ll see a different cover.  This is a bit confusing.  Anyway, I like the first cover.  And anyway, i will buy.  I’m curious.  I ‘ll judge her strictly, since she decided to write about my Circe.  Cheers, people.  Spare a dime.


Circe | Madeline Miller
Circe | Madeline Miller

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