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This is what you’ re gonna say, later on. You ‘re gonna say that I’m right.  I know I’m right. How do I know ?  Because I predict the future.  Think of the future, dear friends.  You maybe want to buy a custom domain.  But there are more reasons to create categories for your posts.  Its simple, isn’t it ?  Are you lazy ?  I don’t think so.  You spend so much energy to write on a topic, just click a button and write a category.  At the same time UN-CHECK the default “uncategorised”.

What the f… !  Don’t you know what you ‘re writing about ?  I’m sure you know.  Make the topic you ‘re writing about a category.  Lets assume that you like to write often articles about the “Soul“, then it’s easy to click on the button with the name “category” and write the word “Soul”.  At the same time un-check the default “uncategorised”.  If you don’t know what category to create for a certain topic, create a category with the name “Recommended” or “General“.

For this post of mine I choose the category “Blocked”, and not uncategorised.  But I could have chosen to create a category with the name : “wordpress“, or “Bloggers“, or “Blogs“.  It’s easy.  Predict the future.  That’s it, I’m done.

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    1. You’ re very welcome !… Thank you for your likes and comments. And thank you for the wonderful recipes you host at your blog. I love food and the wonderful tradition behind the food that many countries have. One of them is the magical India. I will visit your blog (or web-site) often. Take care. Thanks again.

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