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or Συνείδηση |

Con + sciousness :  a word in english | Συν + είδηση : a word in greek

Let me check the dictionary for a minute.  Excuse my ab + sence.  It will take a minute, just a few seconds.  Here I am, I’m back again, still conscious and aware, and in + formed.

For the first word or entry | or για την πρώτη λέξη ή λήμμα

The english dictionary explains that it means the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.  The dictionary tries to give a second explanation for the same entry in case we missed the first one and we didn’t understand the first explanation.  It says it means the awareness or perception of something by a person.  And it tries again for a third time to give an explanation for the same entry or word.  It says it means that it is the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

The greek dictionary gives the same result and the same explanation, and it tries hard like the english dictionary and like your mother’s dictionary, in case you speak your mother’ s language, which means that your mother doesn’t speak english or greek but her own language which is her mother’ s language.  I think I made it clear, and you’ re not con + fused.

Συνείδηση in greek is a co(n)m + bination of two words.  It is Συν + είδηση. The first word is a pre + position.  It’s the same word or preposition in english when you say “Syn + chronous” or “Syn + chronized gymnastics”.  Syn signifies or declares the time.  So when a gymnast make movements,  he/she should be aware of the time and of the tempo or rhythm, and of the body parts that have to work all together (another meaning for the Syn = plus (+), sum, summation) and at the same time.

It is like when you say “symposium“.  It’s the same “Syn”.  I know you see an “m”, but the “m” came to simplify things and to help the tongue to speak out the word with easiness. Sym + posium = we drink all together, and at the same time.  It’s logical, isn’t it ?  Since we are gathered to have some fun, lets eat and drink together, and at the same time.  Do not try to avoid my barrel wine, show respect and drink with me, lets drink together, now, at the same time, cheers.

Τhe second word, which is the word “Είδηση“, is a word that the Greeks use for the “News”.  What’s new ? Nothing is new, everything is old.  No news, good news.  Let’s watch the News and CNN. I don’t like to watch tv, and especially the NEWS, cause they announce bad news mostly.  But I like the pink news and the scandals, and this is the time when I turn the tv on, cause I like chat chat.

So “είδηση” is when an event occurs.  And we are all aware of this event, together, at the same time, by the time it occurs.  But it doesn’t happen to be aware of all the events. And it doesn’t happen to be aware all together, at the same time.  Well, technology has helped a bit.  However sometimes we don’t give a F…ck.  Actually, we practice not to give a F…ck, we meditate.

OHhhhhhhhhhh, let me find my inner self.  Lots of events in there, and they don’t care about my consciousness and my logic, and they act as if i’m not here, but the events occur inside of me, in my soul and body.   And I’m not aware !…  What the F…ck is going on ?  Let me meditate for a while to see if I can come to a state of awareness and grab some news from my inner self .  If I have news i’ll call you to chat chat a bit, or I’ll write you a letter or a i’ ll type a post, so we can all be informed and at the same time.  Let’s synchronize our watches.

PS: I wish I made you laugh a bit.  Actually, it seems like what I wrote is just surface, and that I avoid to dive into deep waters.  But you have to start from somewhere, and a good starting point is the surface, dear friends.  Because I’m interested in “metaphysics” like you are.  I hate though the fact that they have started to use words and terms with a sufficient meaning to describe insufficient things and stuff.  Take care and thanks for passing by.


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