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What do you think ?  I think when you look at this, you pay attention to the second “god” on the right.  You don’t care much for the big guy on the left.  Actually, he is not that big.  If you remove the cloud, you’ ll get the same size.  However, he is older, the one on the left.  I don’t see creation here or transformation.  They look alike, same image.

The action comes from the left, you can tell.  He is not in a hurry and he is peaceful, the one on the right. He wants to touch or to “transmit” something, the one on the left.  It doesn’t seem like he is bothered, the one on the right.  And the time is frozen.  Let me see your watch.

It must be very boring for a God  to be the one and only.  Maybe this is the reason why he is fucking with us.

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