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I’m helping a friend to set up his wordpress site.  He is new on this and I will try to help him understand how wordpress works.  At the same time I feel like i’m practicing a bit and that I’m learning stuff continuously.  Angelo and Maria are a couple and good friends of mine.  He is a Chef and she is a Chef.  They are both Chefs… lol .  And they are exceptional and great and wonderful.  And I’m lucky and privileged  to have such friends, dear friends, because I enjoy their recipes and their food and their sweets. I know you’ re jealous and I don’t blame you… lol .

I would like your opinion on this because I’m not finished with the set up and the customization of their site, and I will have to redirect this site on the future.  Could you please click on and take a look and write your opinion on how it looks aesthetically ?

Please, do so, if you have time, and I’ll send you a check to thank you for your kindness and your nice gesture.

Here it is : https://angelovagis.wordpress.com/



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