Gods are not so innocent

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Here we are again talking about Gods.  They drive me crazy, dear friends, like the teckies do.  Perhaps, because they are also teckies, who knows !  What I do know for sure is that Gods are not so innocent.  Not so innocent, dear friends.  Are teckies innocent ?  What do you think ?  I think they are guilty.  And I don’t have to prove anything, their practices and behavior is the proof.  You talk to Gods and they don’t listen.  Same thing with the techies.  It’s like you’re talking to the air.  The chance to get a precise answer to a precise question from the air is bigger.  Not a chance to get a precise answer from a teckie.

Neither do I understand why they like my posts despite the fact I’m making such criticism.  Is it because they want to show some kind of compassion, or because they just saw a tag with their name on it without taking the time to read me ? I think it’s the second one, which means they are guilty and stupid.  If they are stupid, why should we trust them ?  I have no idea !  Probably because there are some exceptions out there.  And if Gods are like the teckies, we have no chance, dear friends.

2 thoughts on “Gods are not so innocent

    1. Thank you for your comment, Samyak. I don’t want to spread negativity but I can’t hold it. I think i’m not the only one with such thoughts and anger. So I decided to let it go and express myself. Don’t you find it weird that they like my posts without making comments ? When I saw this I said : they just saw the tag and they clicked on like because they want me to follow. But I don’t bite. Thanks again, Sir.


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