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Even wordpress teckies make our lives difficult.  I don’t know the reason why.  Now, this is important.  WordPress says that you don’t have to worry about indexing, and I beleive them because they mention the following : “Your sitemap is automatically sent to all major search engines for indexing”.

BUT let’s assume you want to take advantage of the google console or to make experiments, or to become familiar with google console and SEO.

Then you have to click on the link which is entitled “Google Search Console“.  You must have already done this step in order to place the meta tag in this box, and you were asked to check your email to click on for validation. If you did this step, then you should have an account and a profile to google console which was created automatically.  Every time you click on the following link it takes you to the google console.

console g.


Lets assume that you went through this procedure and you are validated, and you have place your meta name in the box,  BUT you are curious and you want to know how this google console works.  Then, as you play with the console and you click on buttons and you try to understand the maps, you see out of sudden “Sitemapson the left.

Then, you try to follow their advice to add a new sitemap.  Actually you don’t know what to do.  Most of the times you copy the whole portion of your site’s url and you paste it in this section.  When you do this, you get a message that “THIS IS NOT WHAT WE ASK”.  But they are not capable to explain what they want, with some simple way.

Not even the wordpress teckies are capable to explain things with simplicity.  And you think you are STUPID.  NO, you’ re not.  The problem is that THEY ARE TECKIES.  Which means they are good to fix stuff but they are not good to explain stuff.  Actually they suck, most of them.  When I see or I read someone and he/she is good, I say to myself : God, you’ re real !…

Now, lets assume you’ re in the google console and you want to add a site map.  All you have to do is to open a new tab on your browser (to be able to do the job without getting lost) and open your site again, go to settings, go to traffic, scroll a bit down till you see the title “Sitemaps” with two links under the title.

Click on the first link and it will open.  Now go το the address bar, high above, to copy the link, BUT DO NOT COPY the whole portion.  Just follow what i’m telling you : make a left click on the address bar and then using your keyboard’s right arrow, go to the end of the url.  Now you can copy the last portion.  And this is what you paste on the google console when they ask you to add a new fucken sitemap.

You may follow the same procedure to open the second link, copy its last portion, and paste it on the google console, if you want to add the second sitemap whose last portion says : /news-sitemap.xml


This is the Google Console :

xml url


This is your site and the place where you should go to find your two xml. sitemaps

xml url 2


There is a bunch of search engines, like Bing and etc.  A BUNCH.  But Google should be the first search engine in your mind, and to start playing around a bit with the google console is not a bad idea to understand a few things and how SEO optimization works, or to see your statistics, brother and sister.  Because, tomorrow, you maybe want to buy a custom domain.  You see how much the wordpress teckies prompt to get a custom domain.  There is another secret here, and it has to do with search optimization.  I’ll tell you next time.  WordPress is wonderful, and I am thankful.  Especially the community, you and I.  Because WE ARE THE STORIES.

I have to write this again : you may call me whatever you want, but I’m not a teckie.  I’m curious though and I like to observe and to make experiments.  Take care and thank you for passing by.  Please accept my apologies for typos and mistakes.







UPDATE : Wp .com changed a few things.

So, in order to find your sitemaps when you find yourself at your console, you have to go as follows :

Tools > Marketing > Traffic



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