Day: April 14, 2019

Scheduled post | Outosego

Scheduled post

Yes | Yes you can schedule your post to be published on a different day or month.  I’m writing this post right now.  The options that I have is to publish this post immediately OR I can schedule the post to be published tomorrow, or … Continue reading Scheduled post


Sitemaps and google console

important and SIMPLE | Even wordpress teckies make our lives difficult.  I don’t know the reason why.  Now, this is important.  WordPress says that you don’t have to worry about indexing, and I beleive them because they mention the following : “Your sitemap is automatically … Continue reading Sitemaps and google console

I’m pissed with the techies

SO | Despite the fact I’m not a teckie guy, I’ll give you some advices which is a result of some experiments of mine.  And of course I’ll write down my opinion for this techie or the other techie, if he/she is suggested or NOT … Continue reading I’m pissed with the techies

How to Gravatar | Outosego


Gravatar | I don’t like to give people advices.  Because they misunderstand and they think that either I’m crazy or a smart ass.  This isn’t actually an advice because you maybe have reasons and it’s not my business to judge.  But since you have already … Continue reading Advice