Day: April 13, 2019

Joe Dassin

Indian summer

ideal World | I think of an ideal world, amazingly peaceful and romantic. This is what happens when I listen to Joe.  And then I wake up again.  Take care, dear friends.  Thank you for your likes and comments.  

Travel Mag

Click on and enjoy.


The techies and the problem

Hey you | Techies, I’m talking to you.  We are all in need for some advice and we appreciate technicians who are capable to WRITE a good advice.  MOSTLY, we appreciate the techies who are specific and TO THE POINT. YOU are precious when you’ … Continue reading The techies and the problem

The test

Africa | How to test a foreigner in South Africa ! 😁👍 Xhosa Traditional Language in KwaZulu Natal South Africa.  

Are we gonna win

When | Don’t laugh !…    

Clyde Stubblefield

Give the drummer some

Clyde Stubblefield | The Drummer Clyde Stubblefield was one of music’s most influential and acclaimed drummers.  James Brown’s one-time drummer and the creator of one of hip-hop’s most popular samples. He was 73 and he was awesome. If you don’t know much about the “Funky … Continue reading Give the drummer some

National Museum of Art of Romania

Museum of Art of Romania

The National Museum of Art of Romania hosts three art galleries and has a short, but impressive royal past.

Santorini | Outosego

Δείλι κάτι κρυφό το κύμα λέει στην σιγαλιά το παίρνουνε στο δείλι και κλαίνε τα πουλιά