You’ re gonna love the piano player.  He is a wonderful artist.  Listen to this piece of music which by mistake was entitled “Chopin’s Spring Waltz”.  I didn’t know.  The following is Jacob’s explanation.  Because I really like his unique talent, and because you might be interested, I “pin” his facebook address jacobspiano2/   and his website :  jacobspiano.com/  

There is more down below his photo.  Now you’ ll be able to visit him and Like him Or Follow him & ask questions.  Thank you for passing by.  Enjoy.


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This piece is originally written by Paul de Senneville and performed by Richard Clayderman. The piece was rearranged by pianist George Davidson and it is his version I perform here. This version is also incorrectly known as “Chopin’s Spring Waltz”. I believe this is caused by a popular, but wrong titled, video here on you-tube.



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