Love, Life, Struggle

Three Words

I saw three words last night as I was scrolling down my “social” timeline. And I said to myself this is a nice topic for a writer to write something about.  Well, dear friends, it’s not that easy.   The language is not the barrier.   I said to myself: let’s sketch some lines and let’s name them.  Here’ s one line, the line of  “Self“, the line of myself & the line of ourselves, our personal lives with things we know and things we don’t know.   Here’ s a second one, the line of our society’s life.  Two top categories for the humans only. 

Then I said to myself: get out of here, idiot.  How many lines do you have to draw for the rest ?  The rest is my little Zoye, my daughter, my 9 months old cockapoo and everything & “everyone” she represents.  The rest is the chair I’m sitting.  The rest is a stone which is somewhere out there.  The rest is things & people we see in our dreams but they are not present.  At least this is what we think.  The rest is things & people we don’t see but they are present.  At least this is what we think.  

I wish I was able to make the long story short but this is impossible.  Try it and you’ ll understand what I mean.  Then, I thought of Ulysses.  Actually, he didn’t like the idea to become part of the armed forces, & to become one of them : “Get out of here idiots, & leave me alone, & go to hell or wherever you wish”.  He didn’t like the idea of the war , &  the war is not just an idea

Ulysses was in love with life, & his Penelope, & his village, the island of Ithaca.  He was in love with the wine & the cheese.  He was in love with the beaches & the sea & the sunset.  He was in love with his dog, the birds, the trees & the stones.  Since he couldn’t escape the recruitment -despite the fact he disappeared for a while: read this part & you will laugh- he gave a promise to himself, to stay alive, no matter what it takes for this to happen.  No matter.  No mercy for the Daemons, for the Gods, for the humans.  No mercy.  This is Ulysses.  Which means this is you & I & ourselves, & our love for life, no matter how much we are in struggle

Then, I thought of my grandpa.  I asked him once – since he was in the army fighting the Italians & the Germans, once upon a time – how does it feel like being in a fight ?  He didn’t want to give an answer, & in general he didn’t want to talk about his struggles, because he was in love with life & the pursuit of happiness, since not only the men but every creature on earth is created equal & independent.   As you can see, it was time for Jefferson to visit me & speak through my thoughts.                                                            

I kept asking my grandpa the same question.  He kept avoiding to give an answer.   But one day, he said : it’s like when you’ re drunk, that’s the feeling.  “Drunk ? !!! ” I said, & Plato was the next visitor.   Plato said : “Under certain circumstances…” and he gave a name which is “methexis, or methaexis”, and it means to take part & to become one with the rest, whatever the rest is.  Actually this is the result, because you need to get Drunk first.  I know you’re confused with the last one and this the reason I will have to explain myself in another post.  The following pictures are very well known.  My eyes usually focus on their eyes.  Take care, dear friends. Thank you for passing by.


Agios Fanourios

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