Rasputin – Prediction of death

Gregory Rasputin – a simple peasant who became a friend of Tsar Nicholas II and strongly influenced the royal family. A madman, a subtle psychologist or a seer – this is still debated by scientists. He was killed by a group of noblemen under the leadership of Prince Yusupov in 1916 at the age of 47.

In 1916, Rasputin felt threatened that he had made too many enemies. And he wrote a letter to the king, where he expressed two scenarios of his death :  a) If the people will kill him, nothing terrible will happen for the state and the king. b) if death comes from a nobleman, then sin will fall on the whole aristocracy. And in less than two years the nobles will be overthrown, and the whole royal family will be destroyed by representatives of the common people.

The prediction came true at 100%. In December 1916, Rasputin was killed by nobles. In 1917, a revolution occurred, and in the summer of 1918, the Bolsheviks shot the entire royal family.




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