Lord Byron - Greece

A Lord

March  25th – War of Independence


You were young, my sweet boy, and handsome

You were a poet, my sweet boy, and a Lord

I’ ll close my eyes, you’ ll lay your hands

for the white doves, my sweet boy

to come and to nest


Lord Byron died in a fit of fever in Mesolonghi, Greece, where he had gone to aid the Greeks in their fight for independence from the Turks. It was April, 19th, 1824. He may have fallen ill with malaria and the customary cure at the time, bleeding, which would have been performed using unsterilized equipment, may have led to sepsis.

After his death Byron was mourned by both the British and the Greeks, to whom he had become a hero of the war. To this day, the name ‘Vyron’ the Greek form of ‘Byron’, continues to be a popular boy’s name.  According to his will, his heart was buried in Mesolonghi and his body was sent back to England.







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