The Three Fates, 1971. Acrylic, 1,402 x 2,064 m. Yannis Pappas (ΕΓΠ_78)

Simple questions

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I wonder, like you do. This is a simple but a great question. It is “THE question”, Or -at least- one of the questions which belongs to a group of questions that we are not able to give answers neither scientifically nor with logic. What is logic? Do you believe in Fate or Luck ?

My sweet grandma used to say : […] your destination is wherever your Luck is taking you…  And I’m sure you heard this one from your own grandma & grandpa.

The great Leonard Cohen said -once upon a time- that there is a Hebrew prayer, a religious poem from which he was influenced by to write the lyrics of the song : “Who by fire“.  Actually, you don’t have to be religious to understand that there is a bitter truth in the poem.  The Apocalypse is that the people of all the years & all the eras had the same simple question to ask one each other starting with the following : “Why ?” & “Who ?” or “What ?”.

Here’s a link that you might be interested to click on it.  The article is written by Rabbi Dr Reuven Hammer : Unetanah Tokef 

Thank you, dear friends, for visiting my “Living room” &  for reading my posts.  I’m deeply honored.  Take care.

To be continued…

Painting : The Three Fates, 1971. Acrylic, 1,402 x 2,064 m. Yannis Pappas (ΕΓΠ_78)



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